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We are Generation Public Health

Dear Friend of public health,
How do we create the healthiest nation? By making sure everyone has the opportunity to be healthy. 
That’s why APHA has created Generation Public Health. We are a growing national movement of people, communities and organizations committed to creating a healthier America. We share easy ways to improve health in our local communities.  We join together to demand government policies that promote health throughout of our society.
Public Health is key to improving health
We’re living longer. In the 20th century, U.S. life expectancy improved by 20 years and most of our progress was driven by public health. Programs like improved sanitation, vaccinations and tobacco cessation supported healthy lifestyles and reduced infectious disease. Government health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Health Resources and Services Administration play a critical role managing existing programs and finding new ways to improve public health.
Public Health funding is at a crossroads
Unfortunately, from 2010 – 2014, funding for critical public health programs and federal government agencies declined by 11 percent. Congress is currently debating FY2016 budgets that include another $3.6 billion in cuts. CDC and HRSA will lose funding for important programs that address the health effects of climate change, reductions to funding the Affordable Care Act and cuts in family planning, dietary guidelines and research on gun violence, to name a few.
We need your voice now!
Contact Congress to voice your support for public health funding in two ways:
Is your community prepared for a health emergency?
APHA’s Get Ready campaign can help. We all can take steps to protect ourselves and our families and our communities from hazards and disasters. We have fun and easy to understand ways to help everyone stay safe and be prepared. Find out how you can spread the preparedness message, including through our adorable Get Ready calendar,  our fact sheets, infographics and new preparedness video. 
Thank you for being part of Generation Public Health and for everything you do to create a healthier America. 
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Susan L. Polan
Associate Executive Director, Public Affairs and Advocacy
Susan Polan

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