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Season's greetings public health leaders and advocates,

Thank you for taking the time to check out our monthly enewsletter, where we aim to provide you with a useful roundup of news related to health topics in transportation policy. We hope that you’ll share this enewsletter with your friends, family and colleagues. And please visit our public health, equity and transportation website at to find more reports, news and information.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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The American Public Health Association



APHA Highlights



RoadNew APHA fact sheet on safe routes to school for children of all ages and abilities

Transportation systems and policies impact health in myriad ways, partly via providing safe streets and opportunities for physical activity. A new fact sheet contains statistics and examples that highlight the connections between safe routes to school programs and health. All health and transportation-related fact sheets are housed on APHA’s transportation reports and fact sheets web page, and all are available for download. And in case you missed last month's enewsletter, please be sure to check out our new complete streets and health fact sheet online as well!


National Public Health Week brochure now available!

NPHW 2012During NPHW 2012 APHA invites you to promote ways to live healthier lives and highlight the theme “A Healthier America Begins Today: Join the Movement”. NPHW will build upon the National Prevention Strategy to create a healthier nation by promoting healthy behaviors in the following public health areas: Active Living and Healthy Eating; Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs; Communicable Diseases; Reproductive and Sexual Health; Mental and Emotional Well-Being.

Become involved and help make public health a priority in all areas of your community. Join the movement at as we work together to make a healthier nation. You can download the NPHW brochure and sign up to receive updates on the site as well!


APHA announces Call for Abstracts: 140th APHA Annual Meeting

Abstract submissions for the 2012 APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition to be held Oct. 27–31 in San Francisco will open December 16. The theme of the meeting is “Prevention and Wellness across the Lifespan.” The deadline for submitting abstracts ranges from February 6-10, 2012, depending on the Section, Special Primary Interest Group, Caucus or Forum to which you submit. For more information or to submit an abstract starting December 16, visit


2012 APHA Call for Learning Institute course proposals now open

APHA is announcing the 2012 Call for Course Proposals for the Annual Meeting to be held Oct. 27-31, 2012 in San Francisco. The Learning Institute courses are half-day or full-day skills building pre-convention workshops where participants can earn three or six continuing education credits respectively. All abstracts must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. PST February 11, 2012. Hard copies will not be accepted. The site is now open: Scroll down and click on the APHA-Learning Institute link. Contact Evangeline Savage at if you have questions.


Recent news from APHA's Public Health Newswire


   Resources and News


Transportation stoplight photoNew report on Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) as a means to improve health in the United States

The National Research Council recently released a report that offers guidance on how to identify and address the potential impact on health from proposed projects, policies and programs; the report is titled Improving Health in the United States: The Role of Health Impact Assessment. The new report provides readers with a framework and guidance for conducting a health impact assessment (HIA) on a pending decision. Visit APHA’s case studies webpage to see examples of HIAs conducted in the US.


Articles and news of interest 

This is a list of diverse, new transportation and health-related resources and articles. Have another to share? Please let us know.


New Research

Community-Based Participatory Research and Policy Advocacy to Reduce Diesel Exposure in West Oakland, California. Gonzalez PA, Minkler M, Garcia AP, Gordon M, Garzon C, Palaniappan M, Prakash S, Beveridge B. American Journal of Public Health. Dec 2011; 101: S166 - S175.

December 2011 CoverAnalysis of Diesel Particulate Matter Health Risk Disparities in Selected US Harbor Areas. Rosenbaum A, Hartley S, Holder C. American Journal of Public Health. Dec 2011; 101: S217 - S223.

Particulate Air Pollution and Socioeconomic Position in Rural and Urban Areas of the Northeastern United States. Brochu PJ, Yanosky JD, Paciorek CJ, Schwartz J, Chen JT, Herrick RF, Suh HH. American Journal of Public Health. Dec 2011; 101: S224 - S230.

Walking and Cycling in the United States, 2001–2009: Evidence From the National Household Travel Surveys. Pucher J, Buehler R, Merom D, Bauman A. American Journal of Public Health. Dec 2011; 101: S310 - S317.

Evaluating the Safety Effects of Bicycle Lanes in New York City.  Chen L, Chen C, Srinivasan R, McKnight CE, Ewing R, Roe M. American Journal of Public Health. 2011; ePub(ePub): ePub.

Association Between Weight and Risk of Crash-Related Injuries for Children in Child Restraints. Zonfrillo MR, Elliott MR, Flannagan CA, Durbin DR. Pediatrics 2011; ePub(ePub): ePub.

Measuring the Population Burden of Fatal and Nonfatal Injury.  Polinder S, Haagsma JA, Lyons RA, Gabbe BJ, Ameratunga S, Cryer C, Derrett S, Harrison JE, Segui-Gomez M, van Beeck EF. Epidemiologic Reviews. 2011; ePub(ePub): ePub.

Motor Vehicle Deaths Among American Indian and Alaska Native Populations. Pollack KM, Frattaroli S, Young JL, Dana-Sacco G, Gielen AC. Epidemiologic Reviews. 2011; ePub.

Enhancing older driver safety: A driving survey and evaluation of the CarFit program. Gaines JM, Burke KL, Marx KA, Wagner M, Parrish JM. Journal of Safety Research. 2011; 42(5): 351-358. 



  Get Involved


Enhancing Older Adult Mobility – Grant Opportunity

Walking public.The National Center on Senior Transportation (NCST) released a request for proposals (RFP) for “mobility management projects that demonstrate innovative and effective solutions to enhance transportation options for older adults through person-centered mobility management”. Grants will be awarded for a maximum of $50,000, and matching funds are not required. NCST will fund projects in four categories, including peer-mobility management and employment, mobility management in rural/frontier areas that have limited transportation options, holistic models that integrate mobility management within current practices. NCST encourages a focus on culturally and ethnically diverse older adults. Proposals are due December 23, 2011, so visit the NCST webpage to learn more.


Program Solicitation from NEA Aims to Reach Rural Areas

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has released a program solicitation for its design leadership program, Your Town: The Citizens' Institute on Rural Design. Applications from organizations interested in entering into a cooperative agreement with the NEA to coordinate the Your Town activities across the nation are welcomed. The aim is to enhance quality of life and economic viability in rural areas throughout the U.S. through design, planning, and creative placemaking workshops. Proposals are due January 5, 2012, and the program solicitation is available online.


ASTHO to fund HIA work at health agencies

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will fund and support up to two state or territorial health agencies to do at least one of the following: 1) conduct a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) or 2) conduct an HIA training. HIA targets can originate from various sectors, but those with an environmental health focus will be given preference (e.g., transportation, land use, housing, parks, etc.). ASTHO must receive applications by December 30, 2011. Visit the ASTHO website to learn more.


Learn more about the quest of Designing Healthy Communities

Follow Dr. Richard Jackson as he explores America's cities, towns and communities in search for innovative individuals striving to make a better, healthier future in the Designing Healthy Communities book and DVD set. Purchase the book and the four-part public television series together and save up to 20 percent off the list price.


Webinar on policy as a tool for public health now available

APHA recently hosted “Power of Policy Webinar 2,” which is now available on APHA’s website. The webinar is the second in a series focused on policy as a tool for population health improvement. The webinar discussed the legal distinctions between policymaker education, advocacy and lobbying, and clarified what policy activities health department staff can legally engage in. It is now available in the archived Web version.



  Upcoming Events


Below is a list of upcoming events and conferences that may be of interest to you and your networks. Know of other conferences of interest? Please email us!






22-26 - Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting: Washington, DC


26-27 - EMBARQ - Transforming Transportation: Washington, DC


27-28 - Iowa Bike Summit: Des Moines, IA




1-3 - Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference: San Antonio, TX


2-4 - New Partners for Smart Growth Conference: San Diego, CA


21-24 - Public Health Preparedness Summit: Anaheim, CA




4-7 - Institute of Transportation Engineers Technical Conference: Pasadena, CA


12-14 - Active Living Research Conference: San Diego, CA


16-18 - Building Livable Communities: Yosemite, CA


20-21 - Smart Cities: Washington, DC


20-22 - National Bike Summit: Washington, DC




1-2 - National Main Streets Conference: Baltimore, MD

2-8 - National Public Health Week: National

3-4 – National Health Impact Assessment Meeting: Washington, DC

14-17 - American Planning Association: Los Angeles, CA


17-19 - Bicycle Leadership Conference: Monterey, CA


29-30 - National Organization for Youth Safety Spring Meeting: Washington, DC 




1-31 – Global Youth Traffic Safety Month: International


6-9 - American Public Transportation Association Bus and Paratransit Conference: Long Beach, CA


7-9 - Weight of the Nation Conference: Washington, DC


9-11 - Women's Transportation Seminar National Conference: Denver, CO


9-12 - Congress for the New Urbanism: West Palm Beach, FL


14-18 - Bike to Work Week: National


20-24 - International Making Cities Livable Conference: Portland, OR


23-26 - Neighborhoods USA: Indianapolis, IN




1 - Transport Chicago: Chicago, IL


2 - Trails Day: National


3-6 - American Public Transportation Association Rail Conference: Dallas, TX


14-16 - Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities: Orlando, FL


24-26 - Aging, Mobility, and Quality of Life: Ann Arbor, MI


24-27 - 4th Urban Street Symposium: Chicago, IL


26-28 – American Public Health Association (APHA) Midyear Meeting: Charlotte, NC


26-29 - Velo-City Global: Vancouver, BC, Canada




11-13 - National Association of County and City Health Officials: Los Angeles, CA


14-17 - International Urban Parks Conference: New York, NY


28-8/1 - Association for Commuter Transportation: Savannah, GA




6-9 - National Conference of State Legislatures - Legislative Summit: Chicago, IL


12-15 Institute of Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting: Atlanta, GA




10-13 - ProWalk/ProBike: Long Beach, CA


12-14 - Transportation Planning for Small and Medium-Sized Communities: Big Sky, MT


30-10/3 - American Public Transportation Association Annual Meeting: Seattle, WA




3 - Walk to School Day: International


14-17 - Rail~Volution: Los Angeles, CA


27-30 - American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting: San Francisco, CA



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